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Tools for Programming Chips

Choose from a variety of Programming Tools for Production, Engineering or Field Service to Program New or Legacy Memory and Logic Devices, such as PAL , PROM, EPROM , EEPROM, SPROM , Flash , PLD, CPLD, FPGA, Microcontrollers, NVRAM , Compact Flash SD Card Nand Flash, Nor Flash,Supporting over 80,000 Different types with either our Universal or Custom Made Programmers and UV erasers.

New Products

Customizable programmers

Can’t find the device you need to support on other chip programmers . Then let us build you a customized adaptor  on our basic stand alone or PC based platform

Popular Programmers

From top of the line industries best and highest quality progammers the Chipmaster 6000u ( over 10,000 sold todate with less than 20 field failures!) and the 148 pin XPRO-6100 with over 100,000 devices supported to our eVP-598 with still huge amount of device support but under $300 price range, there are plenty to choose from from a company  that set the stage for this market  in the 80s.

Legacy Products

Logical Devices, / Needhams Electronics have been producing Programming Equipment since the late 70.s and early 80’s . We still provide support for many of them. In this section you will find many of them. You can still get software for many of these products by contacting us.

Legacy Shooter 1982
Legacy Prompro-7 1981
First DAC Per Pin Programmer
Most Popular PLD Design Software Tool of the 90's

Specializing in Programming Vintage Devices

Device Programmers Universal Programmers, Gang Programmers, EPROM Programmers, ISP Programmers PLD PAL FPGA Programmers , Software and Tools, Custom Designed Programmers for Production, In Circuit Programmer, Nand Flash Programmers , Compact Flash Duplicators, SD  ( Secure Digital Card ) Duplicators, UV Erasers, Serial PROM programmers, Microcontroller Programmers, ARM mpu programmers , Microchip PIC programmers.


From Logical Divisions, and Partners in the past: Needhams Electronics,   Logical Devices, Digelec , Bytek , Valley Datas Sciences, Sunrise Programmers , CUPL, ABEL , PALASM, OMATION ,

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