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gangpro-4xp Gangpro-4XP (Shooter-7)

Classic EPROM Gang Programmer

Custom Module Development for Hard to Find Devices!

Support most old and Obsolete Devices such as TMS2708 TMS2716  and Intersil 6654 PROMs using special adaptors;


2716 Through 27080
29XXX family
39 XXX family
TMS 2708
Older Bipolar PROMs
Serial EEPROMs
SPI, I2C Devices

Custom Adaptors!
We can custom develop adaptors for any vintage part that no programmers support available , so long as we can find the original programming specs and sample parts.


  • Stand Alone or PC operation via USB/Seria Cable  ( Stand Alone via optional keypad / display , not shown in photo)
  • Copies from   to 4 slave devices at once
  • Program from PC file to 4 slave devices at once
  • Read from Master Device to PC file in Binary or Hex
  • We will custom make adaptors for older device for this programmer. Let us quote you .
  • Ideal programmer for your production, write your own front end software.
  • USB/Serial RS-232 connection , Universal interface to any host.
  • Independent of Microsoft operating system, has its own internal bios.
  • We can made adaptors for your special circuit board with onboard memory devices ! ( Card Programmer)

The Gangpro-4xp is our new low cost classic programmer  for specific older devices. Each module of Gang of 4 is designed around a specific family or memory  devices. This includes EPROMs, EEPROMs, SPROMs and Micro controllers.

 This product  is 100% made in USA and is designed for applications wihere user needs to interface with the programmer , using inhouse front end software such as Labview, etc. Since all of the commands are in simple ASCII format, customers are able to develop applications around this programmer using any type of host or operating system.



User Interface:

The programmer is commanded via 2 digit hex code. The following are some of the  of commands

01) Program              05 ) Download File From  PC       09) Device Checksum         0D)  SET Config         

02) Verify                  06) Upload file to PC                     0A) Memory Checksum        0E) Diagnostics

0) Read Device         07) Edit Memory                          0B) Erase                              0F) Help

04) Blank Check       08) Fill Memory                            0C) Secure                           00) Exit

Additional command allow specifiying a host of other parameters such as address range, and device parameters. Additonal command can easlly be added according to the customer requirements.

You can use any dumb terminal program to control the progrmmer, however if need to to download a file you  will need to write some code to send the command and the file down the serial port.

Our SH7 Windows sotware is provided with the programmer to run on Windows 32 bit and 64 bit platforms if user chooses to utillize the provided software. .


Internal Architecture:
The Gangpro-4xp is a microprocessor based instrument. An internal NXP89V664AH microcontroller performs all of the programming algorithms and communications to the PC. The programmer has a 2 Megabit internal RAM that is expandable to any size via an optional SD card interface or additional internal memory options.

Embeded Applications:
Do you need a programmer to serve a very specific task? Do you need to package it as part of your own product ? Well we can provide you with the necessary mechanical form factor in addition to the customized software and hardware accessories.  For example you may need a programmer for mobile automotive application wihere you will need to tell the software certain performance parameters and want to program the compiled results in an EPROM, but you dont necessarily want your customer to know anything about hex files, and compilers etc. You will be able to interface your automotive application software to our programmer to create a  seamless product for the end user.

Power Requirements:
The Gangpro-4xp runs on 12 VDC , therefore you can use either the provided adaptor or any commercially available power adaptor or even a car or motorcyle battery to run the programmer.  The current requirements can vary according to the type of modules or accessories you have but generally it can run under 1000 ma.

Other package variations of Gangpro-4xp ( Shooter-7)
We can design our programmer in any shape box our customers require.

Ordering Information

Part Number: PROG4X-sh7  Prices Start : $395.00  . Includes: Power Supply, USB/Serial Cable, Software. Does not include: Device Specific Adaptors, Customized software. This is not a stock item, it is built to order. If you need a standard low cost universal programmer, please see our other models such as Chipmaster 6000u or Shooter VP-390