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 OBSOLETE  PRODUCT Customer Software Download Area


Algorithms get out date frequently with every small change in chip fabrication. The majority of the time you can program successfully with an outdated algorithm, however, you may experience field failures under varying field conditions, in particular this may happen months after you have updated your field equipment with new programmed devices. Failures are often and in the form of intermittent failures and very difficult to diagnose, resulting in thousands of dollars in field repairs. That is why Logical Devices, provides a strong trade-in program to allow you to upgrade your older programmers with new machines that have current approved device programming algorithm and software. If you are using the programmer for home projects then this may not be an issue, however if you are using the programmer in an industrial capacity where your chips are going in your customer equipment, then for a small upgrade fee you may avoid huge problems in the field. Please call us and find out what we can do for you to bring your vital engineering and production programming tool to a more current status.

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UPDATED 9/22/2011

  Programmer Model  SOFTWARE VERSION DEVICE LIST notes/ erratas/documentation LAST DATE UPDATED

Chipmaster 6000xp Parallel Port

Version 5.9

Version 6.8 for  Parallel Port only


device list 6.8.   3-2-07


  Chipmaster 6000xp USB Version 8.9 Window 7 64 bit    
2 Chipmaster 6000xp USB Port  


Version 6.8 for USB Port



device list 6.8 3-2-07
3 GangStarPro-848Uxp v 4.5 XPupgrade version

USB Port Only

device list   4-16-07
4 Gangstarpro-848 v4.5 parallel port vintage version      
5 GangStarPro-848XP   v 4.5  

Parallel Port XP upgrade version


 device list    4-16-07
6 GangPro-848

This is not the same product as GangStar!!

software click here      
7 XPRO-3000u version 2.43 see product page   4/3/07
8  Chipmaster 7200u/5800u/5200u version 2.43 see product.  page usb driver install instructions. must download  ( word 97) 4/3/07
9 Chipmaster 6100/Allpro-44/84 windows 98 Version     7/25/07
10 Chipmaster 6100/Allpro-44/84 Windows XP/NT     7/25/07


11 Shooter 3C version 1.21        
 12 Gangpro-8/16/32 xp  Winlink Ver 1.33 Device List in Txt Format ( Use Word or Wordpad to Open) s quick-start-manual

User Manual

summary manual




13 Gangpro-8xp Black Unit winlink1   user manual  
14 Chipmaster 3000 Software 2.61      
 15 Shooter 3C Software 1.21   QuickGuide 10/17/06
 16 ( Replaced By Chipmaster 7200)

Chipmaster 7000

Click Here      
17 (Replaced by Gangpro-8xp)

Prolink ( Shooter Vintage, Prompro-8x, Gangpro-S, 8+, )

Click Here      

(Replaced by Gangpro-8xp)

Xlink: for XPRO , Gangpro-LC, Shooter-LC, Husky-LC

Click Here clickHereXP    
19 (replaced by Chipmaster 7200xp)

Chipmaster 7100xp

Click Here      
20 Chipmaster 5000 Click Here Version


21 XPRO-48 Click Here      
23 Chipmaster 2000 Click Here      
24 Chipmaster 6000xp Version 5..9      
25 Husky click here   4 socket vintage  
26 Allpro-88


click here

click here

88xr-alternate version    
27 Chipmaster-5100xp click Here      
28 Chipmaster 2100 click here      
29 (Obsoleted Replaced by Chipmaster 6000xp)

Chipmaster 6000/ ALLPRO-LC

click Here device list Trade Offer to New 6000xp still available till 3/1/2011