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Chipmaster 6000u  Industrial Engineering and Production
Over 15000 Sold ! Less than 10 Returns!
48 Pin Super Reliable  Universal ChipProgrammer        

Superfast Gang Programmer
8 Station   48 Pin Turbo Gang Programmer 
  Special Offer $2995.00

Most Popular!
XPRO-6100 Industrial Quality  Programmer

144 Pin PC based or Stand Alone Universal Programmer
GangPro-4Xp  Industrial Classic   
From $495.00
Classic EPROM/ Memory Gang Programer Duplicator

device list in pdf
  August 2018 Special Offer $1545.00
GP-400 Universal Programmer
Low Cost  USB or Stand Alone 

Supports Over 50,000 Devices!
Special Offer This month $695.00
Card Programming, Special Vintage PROM support, Custom User Interface. Serial / USB stand alone operation, Use any Host! 
Needhams Electronics) $375.00!
Low Cost  Personal 48 Pin Universal Programmer
( Needhams Electronics) $195.00!!

Low Cost  Personal 40 Pin Universal Programmer
ERA-T6  : UV ERASER  &  Max UV Erasers

Low Cost UV EPROM Eraser , 15 device Capacity  $295.00  50 Devices Capacity  $695.00
CUBEL-5.0    PAL / PLD / CPLD  Design Software  $99.00 Special Offer This Month Only
Create JEDEC File, Enter Design Boolean or State Machine Equations Replaces, PALASM, CUPL, ABEL. 100% compatible with CUPL compiler..
Logical will customize small programmer models for your production or OEM application for programming specific chips. Our custom programmer adaptors and hardware can cost as low as $300.00 including engineering and production costs. Our programmers can be stand alone and operated via keypad or customer special software . Ideal for when you have a device you cant find a programmer for or if you have specific circuit board with several programmable devices that need to have special interface. Call us for quote at 303  861-8200 or text 954-534-1449